Post-Symposium Activities:
August 19-21,2001.

Two separate trips(Course A and B) are organized for participants after the symposium .The purposeof the post-symposium trips is to allow the participants more time for discussion of productive collaborations while enjoying the beauty of the famous Chinese cultural sites.

A.(Dunhang): Mogao Grottos is also known as the Thousand-Buddha Caves,they are situated in an oasis 25 km to the county town of Dunhang,the 550 caves are built at different levels on the cliff
of Singing Sand Hill,Inside the caves are 2,000 exquisitely executed statues, and45,000-square-meter murals. These are rare examples in the history of art.

B.(The Labuleng Temple): Lying in Xiahe county, it was built more than 270 years ago. The temple includes the site of six Buddhist colleges, a Sutra-Preaching Hall, a Sutra-Printing Hall, a Sutra-Storing Hall and a glided bronze pagoda. Buddha's pagodas and images are to be seen everywhere in the temple. This imposing architectural complex has a strong national flavor.