Entropy 2005, 7[1], 108-121
ISSN 1099-4300

Van der Waals gas as working substance in a Curzon and Ahlborn-Novikov engine

Delfino Ladino-Luna

Área de Física de Procesos Irreversibles, Dpto. de Ciencias Básicas
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Atzcapotzalco
Av. San Pablo 180, Col. Reynosa, 02200, D.F., México.
Tel. (55)53189015, E-mail: dll@correo.azc.uam.mx

Received: 8 January 2005 / Accepted: 8 March 2005 / Published: 18 March 2005

Abstract: Using a van der Waals gas as the working substance the so called Curzon and Ahlborn-Novikov engine is studied. It is shown that some previous results found in the literature of finite time thermodynamics can be written in a more general form, means of this gas and by taking a non linear heat transfer law.

Keywords: thermal engine; efficiency; finite time thermodynamics.

PACS codes: 44.6.+k; 44.90.+c

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