Third Conference on the Foundations of Information Science


Thursday 7 July 2005, Evening

We are very pleased to announce that the Gala party will be held in the Royal lounge of the Hotel des Invalides, a famous XVII century monument in the center of Paris, The Hotel des Invalides is hosting the Museum of the Armies and Napoleon's tomb. It is not too far from ENSTA. You will be able to enjoy a truly french touch of hospitality in the reception hall of the Sun King. In such a classy setting, the dress code is going to be rather smart and elegant, but it does not imply necessarily to wear dull "business" costumes for men, and uninspiring black gowns for women, more "artistic" dresses are welcome.


You may go with a cab. Every taxi driver in Paris knows where the Invalides are!.
By the subway "Metro", the way from the ENSTA conference Hall is short and simple. Take the "Metro" at terminal station "Balard" on line 8. No risk to take the wrong direction, only one direction available! Then you leave the subway not at station "Invalides" but at station "La Tour-Maubourg" (7thstation) which is nearer from the gate. When going out of the subway, you cannot miss the "Invalides"!. Once at the gate of the "Hotel Royal des Invalides":

The WAY to the GALA PARTY (I)

The Gate with the Royal Coat of Arms
At night, the Army museum is closed, except for special events. Please have your invitation card ready!

Warning: without your invitation card, the military police is not going to let you in!

You may go by car, and park your car in the alleys, after entering the gate.

Walk straight ahead, just under the majestic windows of the Reception Hall.


Proceed to your left to the door letter B

The path should be clearly indicated by panels and arrows
Walk inside door B and climb the stair to the second floor

Go through this door.

You arrive inside an arched gallery that constitutes the first floor around the courtyard

Turn right, and walk to this door that is the entrance to the reception hall

Here you are! Enter and you are into the cloakroom from where you can see the Hall.


Painting of Louis XIV the "Sun King", builder of the "Invalides"

The view, from the windows. One may discern in the distance the pilars of the Alexander III bridge, and farther away the "Grand Palais" et "Petit Palais".