Third Conference on the Foundations of Information Science


4-7 July 2005, Paris, France


In case of several coaouthors, the star indicates the speaker.
Underlined names indicates invited speakers

Monday 4 July: Information in Physics and Chemistry. Data Banks and Data Mining.

  • 8h30-9h15: Welcome - Registration
  • 9h15-9h30: Introduction and Opening.
  • 9h30-10h15: Hans Christian von Baeyer
    Information as Physical Reality: A new fundamental principle proposed by Anton Zeilinger
  • 10h15-10h45: John Collier
    Generalizing Entropy and Information Concepts
  • 10h45-11h15: Hans H. Diebner* and Ichiro Tsuda
    Fundamental Interfaciology: Indistinguishability and Time's arrow
  • 11h15-11h30: Pause
  • 11h30-12h: Andrei Khrennikov
    From Classical Statistical Model to Quantum Model through Ignorance of Information
  • 12h-12h30: György Darvas
    On the velocity of information transmission and physical actions
  • 12h30-14h: Lunch
  • 14h-14h45: Peter Willett
    Chemoinformatics Techniques For Data Mining in Files of Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Chemical Molecules
  • 14h45-15h15: Shu-Kun Lin
    What is Information? It is the Amount of Compressed Data
  • 15h15-15h45: Enzo Tiezzi*, Nadia Marchettini, and Elisa B. Tiezzi
    Information and Negentropy: A Basis for Ecoinformatics
  • 15h45-16h: Pause
  • 16h-16h45: Philippe Jauffret* and Claude Laurenço
    Chemical Information in Organic Synthesis: from Data to Knowledge
  • 16h45-17h15: Ana G. Maldonado*, Bo Tao Fan, and Michel Petitjean
    Using XML for structuring the chemical information: Towards a chemical knowledge representation
    Lecture dedicated to the memory of Jacques-Emile Dubois
  • 17h15-17h45: Francis Muguet
    Entropy in Water

Tuesday 5 July: Neural Information, Bioinformation and Bioinformatics, Biosemiotics, Information and the Codes of Life, Genomics, Biomedical Applications, Ecology.

  • 9h00-9h45: Jean-Pierre Rospars
    Information from molecules: a pluridisciplinary approach to the sense of smell
  • 9h45-10h15: Harry Erwin
    Wiederoriententierung in Bats and the Nature of Animal Consciousness
  • 10h15-10h45: Jerry Chandler
    Existential Logic and the Origins of Chemical and Biological Information
  • 10h45-11h: Pause
  • 11h-11h45: Péter Érdi
    Neural information processing: normal and pathological
  • 11h45-12h15: Andrei Igamberdiev
    The computation power of living systems is maintained by decoherence-free internal quantum states
  • 12h15-12h45: Koichiro Matsuno
    Glue, Memory, and Quantum Biology
    Lecture dedicated to the memory of Ray Paton
  • 12h45-14h: Lunch
  • 14h-14h45: Bernd-Olaf Küppers
    Information and the Origin of Life
  • 14h45-15h15: Toshiyuki Nakajima
    Internal entropy as a measure of the amount of disorder
  • 15h15-15h45: Gabriella Salzano* and Christian Bourret
    Identification and Composition of Metadata for Cooperative Information Systems.
  • 15h45-16h: Pause
  • 16h-16h45: Yukio-Pegio Gunji*, Taichi Haruna and Igor Balaz
    Extended Pain as Margin to Paste up to Future
  • 16h45-17h15: Christophe Menant
    Information and Meaning in Life, Humans and Robots
  • 17h15-17h45: Pedro Marijuán
    Information and the biological creation of knowledge
    Lecture dedicated to the memory of Michael Conrad

Wednesday 6 July: Global Mathematical Aspects of Information: Information Theory and Its Applications, Networks, Symmetry, Agency, Semiotics.

  • 9h00-9h45: Kevin G. Kirby
    State Translation and Geometries of Information and Belief
  • 9h45-10h15: Rémi Léandre
    Stochastic Poisson-sigma model
    Random spheres as a 1+1 dimensional field theory
  • 10h15-10h45: Federico Flückiger
    Mathematical Foundation of Information Theory. A Set Theoretical Approach
  • 10h45-11h: Pause
  • 11h-11h30: Julio Stern
    Cognitive Constructivism, Eigen-Solutions and Statistical Hypotheses
  • 11h30-12h: Pavel O. Luksha
    Memory as Producer of Subjective Time and Space in Complex Systems
  • 12h-12h30: Jürgen Van de Walle
    The inadequacy of the classical information measurement for linguistic meaning: a historical analysis
  • 12h30-14h: Lunch
  • 14h-14h30: Jim Cogswell
    Definite Article
  • 14h30-16h: Round Table: Interdisciplinary Teaching and Information Science
  • 16h-16h15: Pause
  • 16h15h-17h45: Posters Session.

Thursday 7 July: Trends in Information and Communication Sciences. Open Access and the Information Society. Economic, Social and Philosophical Aspects.

  • 9h00-9h45: Elizabeth Longworth
    The significance of Open Access for building knowledge societies
  • 9h45-10h15: Marcin Jan Schroeder
    Philosophical Foundations for the Concept of Information: Selective and Structural Information
  • 10h15-10h45: Miriam Vieira da Cunha
    Information Science: Interfaces and Limits
  • 10h45-11h: Pause
  • 11h-11h30: Antonio M. Ruiz Mariscal
    To Measure what Information is Measurable
  • 11h30-12h: Yves F. Le Coadic
    Scientific principles in information science and technology
  • 12h-12h30: Wolfgang Hofkirchner
    Beyond the third culture! science in the information age
    Lecture dedicated to the memory of Tom Stonier
  • 12h30-14h: Lunch
  • 14h-14h30: Dail Doucette
    Toward a New Science of Information
  • 14h30-15h: Argyris Arnellos*, Thomas Spyrou, and John Darzentas
    The emergence of Interactive Meaning Processes in Autonomous Systems
  • 15h-15h30: Christian Fuchs
    Knowledge and Society from the Perspective of the Unified Theory of Information (UTI) Approach
  • 15h30-16h: Soren Brier
    The Cybersemiotic model of communication: An evolutionary view on the threshold between semiosis and informational exchange
  • 16h-16h15: Pause
  • 16h15-16h45: Jesper Hoffmeyer
    Semiosis and relative being
  • 16h45-17h15: Charbel El-hani*, Claus Emmeche, Wolfgang Hofkirchner, and João Queiroz
    A Peircean Account of Oeinformation and its Critical Appraisal from the Perspective of Information Theory
  • 17h15-17h45: Ted Goranson
    Introspective Abstraction: An Inalienable Foundation for Information Science
  • 17h45-18h: Conclusion and Closure.
  • Evening: gala party


Péter Érdi (Kalamazoo College, Michigan, USA; and KFKI RMKI, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)
Yukio-Pegio Gunji (University of Kobe, Japan)
Philippe Jauffret (ENSCM, Montpellier, France)
Kevin Kirby (Northern Kentucky University, USA)
Bernd-Olaf Küppers (University of Jena, Germany)
Elizabeth Longworth (UNESCO)
Jean-Pierre Rospars (INRA, Versailles, France)
Hans Christian von Baeyer (William and Mary College, Virginia, USA)
Peter Willett (University of Sheffield, UK)


Friday 7 July - Sunday 10 July: Arts and Science in the Information Society

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