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Do you know that a properly stored compound sample as little as 1 mg can be used for up to 40 bioactivity tests?
Do you know that chemical samples are a chemist's precious contribution?
MDPI, a nonprofit international organization located in Switzerland, coordinates and provides services for worldwide deposit, storage and exchange of chemical samples. Our aim is to preserve all molecular and biomolecular samples and make them readily available.

Samples criteria:

The MDPI services are free of charge for the compound contributors. MDPI will purchase your compounds (100 mg-100 g each, smaller amounts also acceptable) and pay postage for delivery to MDPI centre in Switzerland in cash immediately. Alternatively, MDPI pays postage for delivery by express carrier of the compounds as research samples to the MDPI Center. A typical unit amount is 250mg and the unit price may vary based on your recommendation. You may also store compounds at your own place and MDPI will register the available compound data into its databases for you, also free of charge, provided that you can guarantee to send the unit amount of the ordered compounds promptly. Preferably you deposit at least one unit amount of samples at the MDPI Center.

 In order to provide services fair to both contributors and customers, and insure that the samples are correctly characterized, we publish the unit amount and the unit price and preferably the contributor's name and address. If the contributors agree, chemists may obtain samples free of charge for academic research.

For further information and contacts:

MDPI website: 

MDPI Center
Kandererstrasse 25
CH-4057 Basel
Tel:  +41 61 683 77 34
Fax: +41 61 302 89 18

In all cases, compound abstracts need to be filled out by you following the given example. There are at most 10 entries for each compound. Blank forms can be copied. At the very least the molecular structure (entry item 2) and your own ID code must be inputted, and may be drawn by hand, for a compound:
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