HTML Guide for Authors

An easy procedure: Browse through the homepages and find one I like. Save and rename the document source of this nice homepage as yours. Edit the file by replacing all the places and entries with your own contents. Use Netscape to open it as a local file to see whether it is OK. If not, do some corrections. That's it! HTML, which is the computer code for homepages, is easy to prepare.

Sample posters for ECSOC:

MolBank papers in HTML format.

There are several free software to transfer word files to HTML format. For Microsoft World users, Microsoft World 97 for PC can easily vonvert any text with figures and tables to HTML format. If you use an earlier version, you may also convert your papers with figures to Microsoft RTF format, then to HTML. I tried with success on a Macintosh with the following free software. It takes two steps:
  • RTF to HTML file + PICT files for figures. Use the software downloadable from
  • PICT files to GIF files. The PICT files for figures are not compressed and cannot be used for homepage. GIF files are compressed and suitable for homepage. The software I downloaded and successfully tested is from
    For any papers, title, name, address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, main text with figures, and references and notes, of a paper, should be arranged in this order.
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