International Symposium on Frontiers in Molecular Science 2002

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FAQ for Oral Presentation

  • Will there be projectors for computer presentations PowperPoint, etc.?
  • Will there be an overhead projector?
    Yes, both the overhead projector and the projector for computers (PowperPoint) can be used for presentations. A laptop will be also in position. The speakers can either use their own laptops or take with them a CD or a diskette and copy the file to the laptop prepared by ISFMS2002 Secretariat.

  • Will there be a board where they can write?
    Yes, we can prepare a white board for writing which nevertheless can not be projected to the screen. The speaker can write on the transparencies using overhead projector.

  • Can they plug in their own laptops (PC's or mac's)?
    As mentioned above, the speaks can use their own laptops from any country.

  • How large are the screens and the rooms where the sessions will take place?
    The room size differs for different sessions. So far the exact size of screen for each session is not yet available. Does it matter?

  • How formally do we expect most people to dress? Should we recommend suit & tie, or more casual clothes?
    We don't think there is a need to make special requirements for dressing. But it depends on you.

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