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Molecules: Volume 1

Molecules Vol. 1, 1996 was published in collaboration with Springer Verlag.  

Announcement of the Editor

Molecules (ISSN 1420-3049) was launched by Shu-Kun Lin in Switzerland in 1995 and has been the first journal to encourage chemists to deposit and exchange chemical samples. Due to the sudden termination of the publication contract by Springer-Verlag in December 1996 and after consultation with the members of the International Editorial Board, the editor decided that the journal would be published by MDPI in Switzerland, starting from Vol.2, 1997. The editor wishes to thank his colleagues for their support and encouragement.

 Shu-Kun Lin, Ph.D.
Basel, Switzerland, January 1997

Editorial: A Good Yield and a High Standard. Molecules, 1996, 1, 1-2.

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