Closing Event
Parisian Night Life

While every I3S attendee is expected to participate to the Gala party, this event that has just been proposed recently does not present the same "compulsory" character and is much more informal. Please come as you feel.

The I3S organization committee is happy to announce that, on Friday 20 June, attendees are going to be able to enjoy a glimpse of Parisian Nightlife that is most often out of sight for foreign visitors. I3S attendees are invited to the "Re-Fête l'Amour" party at the nearby Le Backup club ( location, Metros : Cambronne ; La Motte-Picquet-Grenelle ). The "Le Backup" is a conservative drug free place with a decent dress code, that is attended by the "Golden Youth" of the fashionnable Paris West Side. The I3S committee has not rented the club. I3S attendees are just kindly invited to be part of a much larger party. I3S attendees and accompanying persons wearing the "Open Access" conference T-shirt or those having the BBgreen party flyer with a stamp will be able to enter and to have a free entrance ( drinks not included ). Please be there early ( before 00H30 ) because the BBgreen party is expected to attract many people, and entrance might be difficult later.

  • Friday 20 June BBgreen : Re-Fête l'Amour

Rectificatif : Bouteille à 65 euros (4 pers. TOUTE la NUIT)