Computer Rooms


A high bandwidth 1Gb/s internet connection is available, that should not be overloaded by students who have already left the institution, by mid-June.

Attendees with portable computers are going to be able to hook them to the internet, in the room nearby the room for Conference breaks. IP will be delivered by automatic DHCP. The connection hub should work for any type of portable : Linux, Apple or Microsoft.

Attendees without portable computers that wish to check their webmails are going to be able to use of the Olive room : one of the students' PC rooms that is going to be dedicated to I3S attendees. This room is located on the second floor. Panels and arrows are going to indicate the way

All PCs in the Olive room are running under Linux. ( No PCs are running under Windows at ENSTA) This should not be an inconvenience, since attendees are allowed to use only the Netscape web browser.