The I3S Symposium will feature :

  • Plenary lectures ( 1 hour ) given by invited scientists.
  • Oral communications ( 30 minutes ).
  • Poster oral presentations ( 5 minutes per poster ).
  • Poster sessions.

In order to allow a maximum number of of attendees to "have a voice" in the meeting, one or several special oral sessions ( 1 hour each ) , depending on the number of posters, will be devoted to short oral presentations of twelve selected posters ( 5 minutes each ) by their authors. In order to facilitate direct and informal interactions between attendees the poster oral presentation sessions are scheduled for the first afternoon of the conference, so that everybody may associate a "face" with each poster. The poster sessions are organized in the traditional way with panels in a set of dedicated rooms or hallways.

The following topics will be covered during the Symposium :

Electrochemical sensors.
Electrical sensors
Optical sensors, Laser sensors
Sensors in aqueous solutions and liquids.
Biosensors, Sensors in Medicine
pH sensors. Corrosion sensors.
Gas sensors, Ceramic sensors.
Sensors for environmental monitoring.
Nanosensors. Actuators.
Sensors Analysis software.

A presentation, will be made concerning the general issue of scientific publishing and Open Access. This presentation is made by the coordinator (Dr. F. Muguet ) of the thematic Working Group (WG-SI) dealing with Scientific Information, within the framework of the Civil Society contribution to the World Summit On the Information Society (WSIS) organized by the United Nations. The presentation will be followed by discussions. Suggestions from the audience are going to be taken into account in order to form the basis od recommandations. As such the I3S meeting constitutes, in part, a preparatory consultative event of the Scientific Information working group.