Sensors Relevant Conferences:

11 Aug 2008
ICEMC2 2008 Mysore India

25-31 Aug 2008
The Second International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications SENSORCOMM 2008  Esterel France

16 Sep 2008
Dr. Vincent Carbone's Autism Workshop: An Introduction to Verbal Behavior Lansing Michigan

22 Sep 2008
Teamteach 2008 Bangalore India

29 Sep 2008
The IASTED International Conference on Sensor Networks
  Crete Greece

16 Oct 2008
CEWIT 2008 International Conference on Cutting Edge Wireless & Information Technologies  Stony Brook New York

26-29 Oct 2008
IEEE Sensors 2008: - The 7th IEEE Conference on Sensors  Lecce Italy

18 Nov 2008
RoboDevelopment Conference and Exposition  Santa Clara California

23 Nov 2008
3rd International Conference on Broadband Communications, Information Technology & Biomedical Applications (BroadCom 2008)

Pretoria South Africa - Broadcom 2008 focuses on all-IP communications (WiMAX, LTE, MIMO, OFDM etc) with attention to wireless & fixed broadband Internet & applications. It covers sensor networks, biomedical devices and applications & broadband Internet/policies.

1 Dec 2008
26th Army Science Conference  Orlando Florida

12 Dec 2008
16th IEEE International Conference on Networking (ICON 2008)  New Delhi India

18 Dec 2008

3 Feb 2009
The Victorian Sensorium  Dunedin New Zealand

9 Sep 2009
6th triennial congress for The European Federation of IASP Chapters (EFIC)  Lisbon Portugal