The accommodation is located in Aachen due to logistical reasons. You are required to book your own hotel room. The conference committee is not responsible for the accommodation. However, a special contingent of hotel rooms has been reserved specifically for the I3S 2005 in order to take advantage of cheaper room rates. All hotel prices include breakfast, service and VAT. On the maps below you will find the location three hotels of various categories. The hotels accept credit cards (please note that the conference fee cannot be paid by credit card). These hotels will be served by our I3S 2005 bus shuttle. Please fill in  the booking form and send it to the

Verkehrsverein Bad Aachen e.V.
aachen tourist service
Postbox 102251
52022 Aachen

Tel: +49(0)241/1802950 Fax: +49(0)241/1802930

Download the hotel room booking form