Oral Presentation Guidelines:

For the oral session presentation, the I3S 2005 committee will arrange a video projector, microphone and a presentation PC as well as a laser-pointer. You are strongly encouraged to bring your own laptop and a back-up CD of your presentation to the conference, in case of technical incompatibility. The presentation PC will support MS Powerpoint (ver. 2003), Open Office (ver. 1.1.4 & ver. 2.0) and Adobe PDF. The operating system will be the German Windows 2000 (SP4) version. However, you will be able to attach your own laptop to the video projector. If you require other special multimedia equipment,  please contact the I3S 2005 committee. If you plan to play video- and audiofiles during your presentation, we strongly recommend to you check that these files can be used without  third-party player and codec. If you are not sure whether your presentation will be compatible with the presentation PC and you cannot use your own laptop, you can send a version to the conference committee by e-mail before the start of the conference. We will test it on the presentation PC and inform you about of the results. However, all participants will have time before their session to test the presentation in advance. Please note that special characters can differ on computers which use different languages, and so do make sure to use international standard fonts (e.g. Unicode) for special characters.

Timing schedule:
Oral presentation: 15 min.
Keynote lecture: 30 min
Plenary lecture: 45 min

There is no time allocated for any extension to these presentations. Please ensure that your presentation does not exceed the given time limit.
Contact the conference committee for further questions

Poster Presentation Guidelines:

The I3S 2005 committee will provide DIN A0 poster walls in portrait format  (width = 841 mm, height = 1189 mm). Landscape format is not possible. Please prepare your poster according to DIN A0 format. Pins and tapes will be provided by the conference committee.
 Contact the conference committee for further questions

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