3rd International Symposium on Sensor Science (I3S) 2005
Juelich, Germany, 18-21 July 2005
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After the great success of the 1st I3S 2003 in Paris, France, and the 2nd I3S 2004 in Nanjing, China, the Aachen University of Applied Sciences (Jülich Campus) is proud to announce the 3rd I3S 2005 in Jülich, Germany from 18.-21. July 2005. The I3S is an interesting new symposium in the fast growing field of sensor science and provides an excellent platform for the “exchange” of knowledge transfer for scientists all over the world. The various key topics underline the multidisciplinary nature of this symposium. In addition, the I3S is directly associated with the open access on-line journal “sensors”.

We invite you and your colleagues to participate in the symposium and to submit abstracts for oral and/or poster presentations. The deadline for the submission of abstracts will be the 15. April 2005. All information about the preparation of abstracts are provided at the conference homepage: http://www.mdpi.net/sensors/i3s2005.

The I3S 2005 will cover plenary lectures (45 min.), keynote lectures (30 min.), oral presentations (15 min.) and poster sessions. A special issue of sensors will include selected papers presented at the I3S 2005. Full papers should be also submitted to the organizing committee to be refereed in accordance with the high standards set by the journal. The deadline for submission of full papers will be the 30. June 2005.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Jülich at the I3S 2005 to have three fruitful days of scientific exchange.


The following key topics will be covered during the symposium:

Electrochemical sensors / biosensors, electrical and coulometric sensors, mass-sensitive and fiber-optic sensors, gas sensors, sensor applications for food industry, medicine, pharmacy, environmental monitoring, corrosion studies, etc., sensor devices and sensor arrays / nano sensors, analytical methods, modelling, readout and software for sensors, sensor technology and new sensor principles.


The official language during the symposium will be English. No translation or interpretation service will be provided.


Prof. Franz L. Dickert, Vienna University, Austria
Prof. Eugenii Katz, Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel
Prof. Joseph Wang, Arizona State University, USA


Prof. Gerhard Artmann, Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Dr. Andrey Bratov, Centro Nacional de Microelectronica (CNM), Spain
Prof. Theodor Doll, Institute for Microtechnology Mainz GmbH, Germany
Prof. Arno Förster, Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Prof. Séamus P.J. Higson, Cranfield University at Silsoe, UK
Prof. Fred Lisdat, University of Applied Sciences Wildau, Germany

Prof. Ashok Mulchandani, University of California, Riverside, USA
Prof. Andreas Offenhäusser, Research Centre Jülich GmbH, Germany
Prof. Tatsuo Yoshinobu, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan


Executive Chairman:
Prof. Michael J. Schöning

Dipl.-Ing. Joachim P. Kloock
Dr. Bernd Kraus
Dipl.-Ing. Niko Näther
Dr. Arshak Poghossian
Torsten Wagner, MSc.


First Announcement: 01. November 2004
Second Announcement: 01. April 2005
Abstract Deadline: 15. April 2005
Early Registration Deadline: 01. May 2005
Registration Deadline: 01. July 2005
Deadline for full papers: 30. June 2005
I3S Conference: 18.-21. July 2005


For the participation at the conference it is necessary to register. All participants have to pay the registration fee. Payment can only be made by bank transfer. The registration form and other details can be found at the conference homepage:


The accomodation will be in Aachen, the most westerly city in Germany. A daily transport between Aachen and Jülich will be provided.