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Prof. Dr. Yoon-Bo Shim
Department of Chemistry and Center for Innovative BioPhysio
Sensor Technology, Pusan National University
Busan 609-735, South Korea
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E-mail: ybshim@pusan.ac.kr

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Published Papers

Agnieszka Krajewska 1, Pavel Lhotak 2 and Hanna Radecka 1,*
1 Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research, Polish Academy of Sciences Tuwima 10,
10-747 Olsztyn, Poland; E-mail: hanna.radecka@pan.olsztyn.pl
2 Department of Organic Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology, Technicka 5, 166 28 Prague 6, Czech Republic
* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Received: 5 July 2007  / Accepted: 26 August 2007  / Published: 27 August 2007
Full Paper: Potentiometric Responses of  Ion-Selective Electrodes Doped with Diureidocalix[4]arene towards Un-dissociated Benzoic Acid
Sensors 2007, 7, 1655-1666 (PDF format, 260 K)

Eduarda Regina Carvalho 1,* , Nelson Consolin Filho 1, Everaldo Carlos Venancio 1, Osvaldo N. O. Jr. 2, Luiz H. C. Mattoso 1 and
Ladislau Martin-Neto 1

1 Embrapa Instrumentação Agropecuária, P.O. Box 741, 13560-970, São Carlos/SP, Brazil E-mails: N. Consolin Filho: consolin@cnpdia.embrapa.br; E. C. Venancio: ecvenancio@cnpdia.embrapa.br; O. N. O. Jr.: chu@ifsc.usp.br; L. H. C. Mattoso: mattoso@cnpdia.embrapa.br; L. Martin-Neto: martin@cnpdia.embrapa.br.
2 Instituto de Física de São Carlos, Universidade de São Paulo, USP, SP, Brazil, P.O. Box 369, 13560-970.
*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: eduarda@cnpdia.embrapa.br
Received: 20 September 2007 / Accepted: 19 November 2007 / Published: 12 December 2007
Full Paper: Detection of Brominated By-Products Using a Sensor Array Based on Nanostructured Thin Films of Conducting Polymers
Sensors 2007, 7, 3258-3271 (PDF format, 804 K)

Gamal Abdel-Hafiz Mostafa *, Mohamed Mahmoud Hefnawy and Abdulrahman Al-Majed
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department, College of Pharmacy, King Saud University, P.O.Box 2457, Riyadh11451, Saudi Arabia.
* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: gamal_most@yahoo.com
Received: 11 July 2007 / Accepted: 8 October 2007 / Published: 13 December 2007
Full Research Paper: PVC Membrane Sensors for Potentiometric Determination of Acebutolol
Sensors 2007, 7, 3272-3286 (PDF format, 221 K)

Md. Aminur Rahman, Pankaj Kumar, Deog-Su Park and Yoon-Bo Shim *
Department of Chemistry and Center for Innovative Bio.Physio Sensor Technology, Pusan National University, Keumjeong-ku, Busan 609-735, South Korea. E-mails: marahman@pusan.ac.kr; pankaj00797@rediffmail.com; dsupark@pusan.ac.kr
* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed; E-mail; ybshim@pusan.ac.kr
Received: 29 October 2007 / Accepted: 4 January 2008 / Published: 9 January 2008
Review: Electrochemical Sensors Based on Organic Conjugated Polymers
Sensors 2008, 8, 118-141 (PDF format, 407 K)

Gabriela Broncová *, Tatiana V. Shishkanova, Martin Krondak, Radko Volf and Vladimír Král
Department of Analytical Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology, Technická 5, 166 28 Prague 6 Czech Republic
*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: Gabriela.Broncova@vscht.cz
Received: 9 October 2007 / Accepted: 28 January 2008 / Published: 4 February 2008
Full Research Paper: Optimalization of Poly(neutral red) Coated-wire Electrode for Determination of Citrate in Soft Drinks
Sensors 2008, 8, 594-606 (PDF format, 315 K)

Open Access
Farnoush Faridbod 1, Parviz Norouzi 1, Rassoul Dinarvand 2 and Mohammad Reza Ganjali 1,*
1 Center of Excellence in Electrochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
2 Medical Nanotechnology Research Centre, Medical Sciences/University of Tehran, Tehran, P.O. Box 14155-6451, Iran
* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed; E-mail: ganjali@khayam.ut.ac.ir; Tel: +98-21-61112788
Received: 1 February 2008 / Accepted: 2 April 2008 / Published: 3 April 2008
Review: Developments in the Field of Conducting and Non-conducting Polymer Based Potentiometric Membrane Sensors for Ions Over the Past Decade
Sensors 2008, 8, 2331-2412 (PDF format, 549 K)


This special issue is intended to focus on the recent advances that are being made in all areas of conducting polymer based electrochemical sensors. It is devised to survey the application of various kinds of conducting polymer, such as π-conjugated conducting polymer, inorganic conducting polymer, and conducting polymer composites as electrode modifier, as structural elements, as transducer, and as sensor component in electrochemical sensors. Special emphasis will be placed on the nano-structured conducting polymer based electrochemical biosensors, immunosensors, DNA sensors, and modified electrodes for electroanalysis. It features all aspects of amperometric, potentiometric, conductometric, coulometric, impedimetric, and voltammetric sensors and biosensors. New modification/combination of electrochemical detection principle, integrated and hyphenated with sampling, fluidic handling, separation with conducting polymer based sensors are also included.
Full research papers with new results (experimental or theoretical) in this field or a comprehensive review of the state- of-art of  cantilever sensors are encouraged for submission. There are no length restrictions for the manuscripts.


This issue will include the following topics:
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