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Guest Editor
Dr. D. Marshall Porterfield
Purdue University, Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Department of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering
225 South University Street, W. Lafayette, IN 47907-2093
Tel. +1 765 494 1190, Fax +1 765 496 1115
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Papers published in 2007

Lingrui Zhang, Da Xing * and Junsheng Wang
MOE Key Laboratory of Laser Life Science & Institute of Laser Life Science, South China NormalUniversity, Guangzhou 510631, China
* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. Telephone: +86-20-8521-0089 Fax: +86-20-8521-6052; Email: xingda@scnu.edu.cn URL: http://laser.scnu.edu.cn/xingda.htm
Received: 12 November 2006 / Accepted: 17 January 2007 / Published: 24 January 2007
Full Paper: A Non-invasive and Real-time Monitoring of the Regulation of Photosynthetic Metabolism Biosensor Based on Measurement of Delayed Fluorescence in Vivo
2007, 7, 52-66 (PDF format, 108 K)

Ying Zhang, Hua Wang, Rong H. Yang*
Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular Science, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University, Beijing, 100871, China
E-mail address: Yangrh@pku.edu.cn; Fax. +86-10-62751708
* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Received: 27 February 2007 / Accepted:22 March 2007 / Published:30 March 2007
Full Paper: Colorimetric and Fluorescent Sensing of SCN- Based on meso-Tetraphenylporphyrin/meso-Tetraphenylporphyrin Cobalt(II) System
Sensors 2007, 7, 410-419 (PDF format, 166 K)

Xavier Tortolero 1,2, Kei Masani 1,2,* and Milos R. Popovic 1,2
1 Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory, Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto, 164 College Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2 Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory, Lyndhurst Centre, Toronto Rehabilitation, 520 Sutherland Drive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
E-mail: xavier.tortolero@utoronto.ca, milos.popovic@utoronto.ca
* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed; E-mail: k.masani@utoronto.ca
Received: 23 February 2007 / Accepted: 13 April 2007 / Published: 17 April 2007
Full Paper: Step Prediction During Perturbed Standing Using Center Of Pressure Measurements
Sensors 2007, 7, 459-472 (PDF format, 137 K)

Marina Storani de Almeida, Carlos Dias Maciel * and José Carlos Pereira
Laboratory of Instrumentation and Microelectronics, Department of Electrical Engineering, São Carlos School of Engineering, University of São Paulo, Av. Trabalhador São-carlense, 400, São Carlos 13560-590, SP, Brazil
* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed; E-mail: maciel@sel.eesc.usp.br
Received: 22 March 2007 / Accepted: 19 June 2007 / Published: 16 July 2007
Full Paper: Proposal for an Ultrasonic Tool to Monitor the Osseointegration of Dental Implants
Sensors 2007, 7, 1224-1237 (PDF format, 1219 K)

Hans-Jörg Schneider *,1, Kazuaki Kato 1,3 and Robert  M. Strongin *,2
1 FR Organische Chemie der Universität des Saarlandes,  D-66041 Saarbrücken; E-mail: ch12hs@rz.uni-sb.de
2 Department of Chemistry, Portland State University, Portland, OR, 97201, USA; E-mail: strongin@pdx.edu
3 Department of Advanced Material Science, Graduate School of Frontier Schiences, The University of Tokyo, Chiba 277-8562, Japan; E-mail: kato@molle.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp
* Authors to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Received: 8 August 2007 / Accepted: 21 August 2007 / Published: 27 August 2007 
Review: Chemomechanical Polymers as Sensors and Actuators for Biological and Medicinal Applications
Sensors 2007, 7, 1578-1611 (PDF format, 987 K)

Lisa M. Kindschy and Evangelyn C. Alocilja *
Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Michigan State University, 204 Farrall Hall, East Lansing, MI  48824, USA
* Corresponding author: Phone: 517-355-0083; Fax: 517-432-2892; Email: alocilja@msu.edu
Received: 30 April 2007 / Accepted: 23 August 2007 / Published: 27 August 2007 
Full Paper: Development of a Molecularly Imprinted Biomimetic Electrode
Sensors 2007, 7, 1630-1642 (PDF format, 439 K)

Matthieu Raoux, Lise Rodat-Despoix, Nathalie Azorin, Aurélie Giamarchi, Jizhe Hao, François Maingret, Marcel Crest, Bertrand Coste and Patrick Delmas*
Laboratoire de Neurophysiologie Cellulaire, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique UMR 6150, Université de la Méditerranée, Marseille, France
* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: patrick.delmas@univmed.fr
Received:10 August 2007 / Accepted: 31 August 2007 / Published: 3 September 2007
Full Paper: Mechanosensor Channels in Mammalian Somatosensory Neurons
Sensors 2007, 7, 1667-1682 (PDF format, 285 K)

Kai Marxen 1,*, Klaus Heinrich Vanselow 1, Sebastian Lippemeier 2, Ralf Hintze 2, Andreas Ruser 1 and Ulf-Peter Hansen 3
1 Forschungs- und Technologiezentrum Westküste der Universität Kiel, Hafentörn 1, 25761 Büsum, Germany
2 BlueBioTech GmbH, Hafentörn 1, 25761 Büsum, Germany
3 Zentrum für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie der Universität Kiel, Leibnizstraße 11, 24098 Kiel, Germany
* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. Tel. +49-4834-604-220; Fax: +49-4834-604-299; E-mail: marxen@ftz-west.uni-kiel.de.
Received: 20 June 2007 / Accepted: 1 October 2007 / Published: 3 October 2007 
Full Paper: Determination of DPPH Radical Oxidation Caused by Methanolic Extracts of Some Microalgal Species by Linear Regression Analysis of Spectrophotometric Measurements
Sensors 2007, 7, 2080-2095 (PDF format, 237 K)

Papers published in 2008

Open Access
Laura Ivoone Garay Jiménez 1,*, Pablo Rogelio Hernández Rodríguez 2,*, Roberto Muñoz Guerrero 2 and Emma Gloria Ramos Ramírez 3 
1 Básicas de Ingeniería, Unidad Interdisciplinaria de Ingeniería y Tecnologías  Avanzadas, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, ave. IPN 2580, Col. La Laguna Ticomán, GAM, México D.F., México, C.P. 07340;
2 Bioelectrónica, Ingeniería Eléctrica, CINVESTAV- IPN, 2508, Col. San Pedro Zacatenco, México D.F. México, C. P. 07360; E-mail: pablo.rogeli (a) cinvestav.mx
3 Biotecnología y Bioingeniería, CINVESTAV-IPN, 2508,Col. San Pedro Zacatenco, México, D.F. México, C.P. 07360; E-mail: eramos (a) cinvestav.mx
* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed; E-mails: lgaray (a) ipn.mx; ivoonegmx (a) yahoo.com.mx
Received: 3 December 2007 / Accepted: 25 April 2008 / Published: 6 May 2008 

Article: Analysis of Electromyographic Signals from Rats' Stomaches for Detection and Classification of Motility
Sensors 2008, 8, 2974-2985 (PDF format, 267 K) DOI: 10.3390/s8052974


Call for Papers

This special issue will focus on the broad development of sensor technologies to explore a deeper mechanistic understanding of form and function in biological  systems. Any sensor technology that addresses issues related to multidimensional sensing at the organelle, cell, tissue, and whole organism levels is acceptable. Full research papers with new results or a comprehensive review of the state-of-art of physiological sensing for environmental, biological, or medical applications are encouraged for submission. There are no restrictions on the topics of interest of this special issue. In addition, authors who are working on biosensors and biomaterials are encouraged to submit full research papers.

Because it has been a free online journal (an Open Access journal), papers rapidly published in Sensors (ISSN 1424-8220) will receive very high publicity. Papers published in Sensors are rapidly indexed by databases including Chemical Abstracts and Science Citation Index expanded (Web of Science). The Open Access publishing, supported by authors, is also much less costly for scientists who are readers and authors of journals, see http://www.mdpi.org/oaj-supports.htm for details.

You may send your manuscript soon or by 30 November 2007. Papers accepted will be published immediately. Finally, all the papers belonging to this special issue will be gathered together in a homepage. Therefore, you may submit your paper now. The time taken between submission and publication is less than 1 month now. For review papers, the title and a short abstract can be sent to me as soon as possible.

I would like to invite you or through you other coworkers and researchers to contribute papers.

Please send your paper by e-mail to sensors@mdpi.org and send a copy to porterf@purdue.edu. The subject title of the message should be "Manuscript for Special Issue Physiological Sensing for the journal SENSORS".

Best Regards,
D. Marshall Porterfield


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