Special Issue: "New Developments in Voltammetric and Amperometric Sensors"  Sensors Journal

Guest Editor

Prof. RNDr. Jiř Barek, CSc.
Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science
Department of Analytical Chemistry, UNESCO Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry
Albertov 2030,  128 43 Prague 2, Czech Republic 2
Tel. +420 221 951 224; Fax: +420 224 913 538
E-mail: Barek@natur.cuni.cz

Deadline for Paper Submission:  30 September 2008


Voltammetric and amperometric methods are quite frequently used in all branches of analytical chemistry because of their low investment and running cost, high sensitivity, easy automation and sufficient selectivity. The electrode, which is in intimate contact with analyzed sample, is the most important part of appropriate device. Therefore, there is constant search for new types of electrodes, new types of electrode materials and new electroanalytical procedures for the determination of trace amounts of both organic and inorganic compounds in various environmental and biological matrices. The envisaged special issue will be devoted to the development and practical application of voltammetric and amperometric techniques on both classical (mercury, glassy carbon, carbon paste, noble metals) and non-traditional (solid and paste amalgams, boron-doped diamond films, composite electrodes, thin and thick ink film electrodes, semiconductor electrodes, etc.). Attention will be paid both to voltammetric batch analysis and amperometric determinations in flowing systems.

This issue will include the following topics:
  1. suggestion and construction of voltammetric and amperometric sensors for environmental and biological samples
  2. new electrode materials and arrangements for voltammetric and amperometric determinations
  3. new procedures for voltammetric and amperometric determination of trace amounts of biologically active substances in environmental and biological samples using both traditional and non-traditional electrode materials
  4. practical applications of voltammetric and amperometric sensors in environmental analytical chemistry, in analysis of biological samples, etc.


mercury electrodes, carbon paste electrodes, composite electrodes, boron-doped diamond film electrodes, chemically modified electrodes, ink-film electrodes, voltammetry, amperometry, environmental electroanalysis, electrochemical sensors


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