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Samples Acceptable for Deposit

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  • Benefits to Sample Contributors

    1. If you publish a paper in a chemistry journal, you may deposit your compounds in the MolMall Sarl in Switzerland as the "supporting samples" and standard or authentic samples.

     2. Even if you have only one interesting chemical or biochemical compound, you can quickly make it available worldwide immediately at a reasonable price by registering (free of charge) the compound or the enzyme into the MDPI database.

     3. You may also deposit all the old compounds in the MolMall Sarl if you do not have a place to store them.

     4. All the transportation charges will be paid by MDPI.

     5. Chemists help each other by contributing not only chemical information, but also chemical substances. Then if you are an interested reader of a published paper, you do not need to prepare the compounds yourself. You may obtain the samples from MDPI quickly at a nominal cost, saving time and money.

     6. MDPI may also purchase your compound collection and pay postage for delivery to MolMall Sarl in Switzerland in cash immediately.

     7. The prices of the samples distributed by MDPI may be recommended by the contributors. The prices should be lower than the costs required if a user were to prepare these compounds according to the literature.

     8. The remaining net profits of the MDPI sample services will be used to fund academic activities (conferences, an MDPI prize, etc.).

    Terms and Conditions of the Deposit Services

    Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI) is a nonprofit and independent organization. Preservation of molecular diversity, by registration, collection, deposit and exchange of all the available compounds, is our sole purpose. The unit amount and unit price may be published and the remaining amounts of the samples will be updated and released each half year in the MDPI cumulative database so that you know how much sample were distributed and how much you should be rewarded. (The sample user's name and any related information may be confidential if requested. Otherwise these are published in the database).

    The submission of compounds structure and other data for publication in MDPI database and the submission of compound samples for storage and exchange are carried out on a fully voluntary basis on the part of the contributor. By accepting and registering the chemical species (compounds), MDPI acquires the rights of manipulation of that amount of sample for exchange.

    Contributors should obtain any necessary authority to submit the compounds (either in part or all of the samples). The authors accept full responsibility for the factual accuracy of the data regarding the submitted samples.

    Contributors should maintain the quality as high as possible or as high as clearly specified.

    Procedure for Samples Deposit

  • Labelling:
  • Packaging and Transporting:
  • MolMall Sarl
    Route de Denges 28C
    CH-1027 Lonay

    Sample Manipulation Procedure

    The MolMall Sarl will immediately confirm the safe arrival by e-mail, fax or normal mail. Compound abstracts of the submitted compounds will be registered and entered into a database by the database manager, and the samples will be stored in the archive center within 7 days. Compound abstracts will be published in the MDPI database.

    For purchased compounds, the sample contributor will receive the payment within 4 weeks (Please provide detailed bank address and bank account number).

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