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Tour Program

Tour Program Details


Tour Code
1 Day

City Tour of Qingdao

July 18, 2002
XiaoYuShan Hill, where you can take a bird view of Qingdao. ZhanQiao Pier, which is the symbol of Qingdao. Badaguan Area, which is admired as "the Exhibition of International Architecture". Wusi Square and Music Square.

Visiting Mt. Laoshan, the most famous inshore mountain; Taiqing Temple, etc.


3 Days

Tour in Shandong Province
Day 01: Bus from Qingdao to Linzi.
Sightseeing History Museum of QiGuo, Museum of Ancient Vehicles where you can get an idea of the civilization and the 5000-year history of China; Sacrificial Horses Vault which can compare favourably with the Museum of Emperor QinShiHuang's Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses. Bus to Tai'an in the afternoon. 

Day 02:
Bus to Qufu, where is the birthplace of China's ancient culture. Sightseeing Confucius' Mansions, which is the most immense and luxurious feudal noble residence in China; Confucius' Temple, which is the place to worship Confucius; Confucius' Tomb, which is the burial ground for Confucius and his descendants and is known as the oldest and biggest burial ground in China.

Day 03:
Mt. Taishan, the most famous sacred mountain in China. Bus to Qingdao after lunch
120 TB
7 Days 

Tour in East China

Day 01: Flight to Nanjing.
City tour of Nanjing, Visiting the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, Yangzi River Bridge, Xuanwu Lake.

Day 02: Bus to Wuxi.
Visiting Xihui Park, Turtle's Head Islet which is in Tailu Lake.

Day 03: Bus to Suzhou.
Tiger Hill, the Humble Administrator's Garden, Hanshan Temple.

Day 04: Bus to Hangzhou.
Lingyin Temple, YueWang Temple, Liuhe Pagoda.

Day 05: Boat tour on Xihu Lake.

Day 06: Bus to Shanghai.
the Bund, YuYuan Garden, Town God's Temple Market, Jade Buddha Temple.

Day 07: Departureˇˇ
360 TC
3 Days 

Tour in Guilin
Day 01: Arrival in Guilin
Bus to visit Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Hill (the symbol of Guilin)

Day 02: Boat tour on River Li, then visiting the old town-Yangshuo , free walking in West Street in this town

Day 03: Seven Star Park, the biggest one in Guilin, where late American president Clinton gave his speech on environmental protection; Folded Brocade Hill, where you can enjoy the whole view of the city .

140 TD
8 Days

Tour of Silk Road
Day 01: Flight from Qingdao to Urumqi.

Day 02: City tour of Urumqi: Heavenly Lake, Red Hill, Museum.

Day 03: Southern Mountain;
Leaving for Turpan after lunch.

Day 04: Ruin city of Gaochang, Ancient Tomb, Thousand Buddha Grottoes, Flaming mountain, Grapes Valley, Emin Minaret;
Leaving for Dunhuang by train in the evening (night train soft sleeper).

Day 05: Arrival in Dunhuang in the morning.
Mogao Grottoes, Crescent Moon Lake.

Day 06: Bus to Jia Yu Guan, Ancient Great Wall.
Leaving for Lanzhou by train in the evening (night train soft sleeper).

Day 07: Arrival in Lanzhou in the morning.
Yellow River (the mother river of China), Ancient Water Wheel, Wuquan Mountain, Baita Mountain.

Day 08: Departure
460 TE
4 Days

Tour in Xi'an
Day 01: City tour: the Big Wide goose pagoda, The History Museum of Shanxi Province, Forest of stone, The City Wall of Xi'an. 

Day 02: QianLing Tomb, The Tomb of Princess YongTai, The Maoling Mausoleum, Lady Yang's Tomb.

Day 03: The Museum of Emperor QinShiHuang's Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses, which is said to be one of the eight world wonders; The Emperor QinShiHuang's Mausoleum , Huaqing Hot Spring.

Day 04: Departure
160 TF
4 Days

Tour in Beijing
Day 01: Arrival in Beijing, the capital of China. 
Tour to the Temple of Heaven, the Yonghegong Temple, most colorful Lama Temple in the afternoon.
Acrobatic Show provided for the entertainment in the evening.

Day 02: Tian'anmen Square, the largest city center square of its kind in China; The Forbidden City, where thousand of palaces give you rich imagination of the royal life of Chinese emperors and concubines.
Tour to the incomparable Summer Palace with boat riding on the famous Kunming Lake after lunch.
Peking Duck Dinner Party in the evening.

Day 03: The Great Wall, one of the world wonders.
After lunch, tour to the Ming Tombs and the Sacred Way. Free walking and shopping in the famous Wangfujing Street.

Day 04: Transfer to the airport/railway station and head for the next destination.
190 TG


  1. Tour TA is free for all registered participants of ISFMS2002. For those who would like to go at their own expenses, the price is USD 20.
  2. TB is an optional tour organized by ISFMS2002 Secretariat.
  3. Quotation including:
    • Three-star hotel accommodation throughout the tour;
    • Excellent English-speaking tour guide services;
    • Deluxe A/C motor coach;
    • Meals throughout the tour;
    • Admission Fee as specified;
    • Tourist Insurance.
  4. Quotation excluding:
    • The airline/railway tickets to the destination;
    • The Airport Construction Fee;
    • Private consumption.
  5. Supplement:
    10% discount will be given to more-than-10-tourist group.

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