MEALS: Because of the immediate proximity of the Porte de Versailles" exhibition park, many restaurants are available at a walking distance, where attendees can enjoy the "cuisine" according to their taste. Therefore, it was deemed more convenient and entertaining to let attendees take care of their lunch and dinner themselves.

HOTELS: For convenience, a travel agent, well acquainted with the local neighborhood around ENSTA has been selected as the official I3S travel agent. You should be able to find ** Hotels starting around 65 euros/night. The travel agent may assist attendees to buy air tickets and to make hotel reservations :

 Charna Voyages - Selectour
 86 rue des Entrepreneurs 75015 PARIS 
 Phone : (33) 1 45 75 28 88
 Fax:    (33) 1 45 79 43 11
 eMail :

  English speakers : ask for Margaux or Laetitia
  Spanish or Italian speakers : ask for Nadine

Since we have received many requests for Hotel information; we present a short list of the Hotels in the immediate vicinity of ENSTA :

Charna Voyages does not handle reservations for Hotel Le Carrosse.

We have also received many requests concerning low cost accommodations, please check our page concerning low cost Hotels.

We also advise attendees to stay over the weekend in Paris in order to be able to enjoy the "Fète de la Musique" ( Music festival ). This is a special time, only once a year, when many musicians can be found playing in the streets, all kinds of musics.