Third Conference on the Foundations of Information Science


Authors of papers should follow the instructions hereafter. Please also have a look to:
  • Manuscripts should be written in English and submitted by Email to in a single PDF file, with a covering Email mentioning that the manuscript is submitted to FIS2005. Tools for generating PDF are available on the web, including from MS Word. Each received manuscript will be acknowledged.

  • The manuscript should be printable in A4 size with wide margins all around: at least 15 mm on the left and right sides, 15 mm on the top and 30 mm on the bottom. The text height should not exceed 250 mm.

  • There is no size limit to papers associated to posters or oral communication.

  • Pages should be numbered. The page numbers should appear at the top right of each page, below the top margin.

  • Abstract and text should be typed in single space mode. The recommended font size is 12pts, except the title which should be rather 14pts.

  • The first page should contain the following items, all being left justified. Please separate items by blank lines for clarity.
    • FIS2005 -
    • Title, boldfaced, 14pts font size
    • Authors: full name, professional address, Email and/or URL, should be provided (look to the style of papers published in MDPI journals).
      The name of the corresponding author should be indicated by a star. When the paper is associated to an oral communication, the name of the presenting author should be underlined.

    • Abstract. The end of the abstract should occur on the first page, leaving place for the copyright.
    • The copyright line should lie at the bottom of the first page:
      © 2005 by MDPI ( Reproduction for non commercial purposes permitted.

  • The text following the abstract should begin at the top of page 2.

  • The references should appear at the end of the paper, and should be numbered sequentially. For each cited journal article, the authors, title, year, volume and issue, starting and ending pages, should be provided.
    Citations: reference numbers should be placed in square brackets [ ], and placed before the punctuation; for example [4] or [1-3].

  • A template file is available in the following formats: Tex, DVI, postscript, PDF.

The papers in final form are produced by the authors following the instructions above. After acceptation, the final PDF files provided by the authors will be loaded without alteration on the web page of the proceedings. So, much care is required in the preparation of the manuscripts.


A 1 Gb/s internet connection is available in the Conference Hall and in the backstage rooms, that could be used for presentation.

A screen projector from PC video output will be available to speakers using their own portable.

If you are bringing only a CD of your presentation, or if your presentation is available on the Internet:
  • One Windows XP PC (video hooked to projector)
  • One Linux PC (video hooked to projector)
If you have special multimedia needs, please let us know as soon as possible:


Poster session rooms and the conference secretarial office are being provided by ENSTA.

Panels are going to be located in the entrance hall in front of the Conference Hall and in a nearby corridor.
Dimensions of each panel are 2 meters (length) x 1 meter (height).


In addition to the accepted papers, the posters could be published in the proceedings under the following conditions:
  • An electronic version of the poster is available in a single PDF file
  • The PDF file must be constituted of the union of several pages, each of them being printable on A4 size paper (not in double face mode)
  • The contents of the paper version of the poster and its electronic version are identical


Near the secretarial office, PCs with internet access will be provided to attendees in order to read and send emails.

In the back of the conference stage, there are several office rooms and a small conference room where the Conference Organization Staff offices are going to be located. Internet connection is available.

Attendees with portable computers are going to be able to hook them to the internet, in the room nearby the room for Conference breaks. IP will be delivered by automatic DHCP. The connection hub should work for any type of portable: Linux, Apple or Microsoft.

Attendees without portable computers that wish to check their webmails are going to be able to use of the Olive room: one of the students' PC rooms that is going to be dedicated to FIS2005 attendees. This room is located on the second floor. Panels and arrows are going to indicate the way. All PCs in the Olive room are running under Linux (no PC is running under Windows at ENSTA). This should not be an inconvenience, since attendees are allowed to use only the Netscape web browser.

© 2005, MDPI,, Basel, Switzerland