Third Conference on the Foundations of Information Science
Topics of the pluridisciplinary Conference FIS2005
Seeking an unifying field for science information

Information in Physics and Chemistry. Data Banks and Data Mining.
Neural Information, Bioinformation and Bioinformatics, Biosemiotics, Information and the Codes of Life, Genomics, Biomedical Applications, Ecology.
Global Mathematical Aspects of Information: Information Theory and Its Applications, Networks, Symmetry, Agency, Semiotics.
Trends in Information and Communication Sciences. Open Access and the Information Society. Economic, Social and Philosophical Aspects.
The members of the FIS2005 Organizing Committee are very pleased to invite you to the Third Conference on the Foundations of Information Science, which will be held at the ENSTA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées), in Paris, from Monday 4 July 2005 to Thursday 7 July 2005.

The FIS2005 is the third of a serie of International Conferences organized by the FIS (Foundations of Information Science). The first FIS Conference was held in 1994 in Madrid, and the second FIS Conference was held in 1996 in Vienna. The FIS. has organized E-Conferences in 1998, and in 2002, and various focussed E-discussions. Click here to get contact informations about FIS.

We call authors for oral and/or poster contributions. The publication of the proceedings is made on the web site of FIS2005, thus allowing an unlimited number of pages for the papers, both for oral and poster contributors. Contributions dealing with any aspect of Information Sciences are considered, including social and philosophical: see the Instructions for Authors. Contributions pointing out cross-disciplinarity or transdisciplinarity in Information Sciences are particularly welcome. All papers are peer-reviewed. Anonymity of referees is retained.

We are grateful to the ENSTA and to the DGA for providing the Conference Hall. We are also grateful to MDPI (Molecular Diversity Preservation International) for the hosting of the web pages of FIS2005, for the E-publishing of the proceedings, and for the OPEN ACCESS of these proceedings, i.e. readers are free to download undefinitely the papers and reproduce them for non commercial purposes: no payment is required.

We are also very grateful to our sponsors, and we invite the netters to visit the sponsor page and click on the logos of the sponsors. We thanks the CCSS Center at Kalamazoo College for funding the organization of the conference.

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